Mesa Analytics & Computing, Inc. provides consulting and creates custom data mining solutions and software for companies with problems in knowledge discovery, dynamic web applications for simulation software companies, and compound acquisition decisions and drug design for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Mesa Analytics & Computing, Inc.

Clustering Book

Clustering in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery”, written by John and Norah MacCuish and published by CRC Press, is now available (hardcover or eBook).

Molecular Shape Fingerprinter

Mesa Analytics has a Molecular Shape Fingerprinter using quasi-Monte Carlo Integration. ‏ Please contact us if you would like an evaluation license.

Intersection of a CPK model with a set of quasi-random points — click to play.

The animation above shows the intersection of a CPK molecular model (overlapping atom spheres) with a set of 65,000 quasi-random points. The molecular model and the quasi-random points are rotating about separate axes. As points move inside the molecular volume they turn purple. As they move outside the volume they turn semi-transparent white.

Consulting Services

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— Haldor Topsøe